You've now passed, sign on with a new brokerage and received your new license. Now were is the instruction manual on how to be a real estate professional?  It's the first day of "school" and you have no idea on what to do, what to expect and how to get started?


Your first year will be very hard. If you make it through the first year  and do 10 transactions, you have enough momentum to build a career in real estate. In your first 100 days you need to build traction. The clock is ticking and your first 100 days are counting down. Get yourself 1 firm transaction and at least 2 more buyers you have already started working with in your first 100 days.   


1. You are now a brand

You are being watched every were you go and being listened to regardless if you realize it. Make an impression that is professional and approachable. 


2. Be professional


You want to be successful. Dress like a professional, arrive on time. Clean your car. Be organized. Be well groomed and professional in your leisure time as well.  


3. You are a salesperson


Your knowledge, expertise and selling yourself is on stage at all times. Your selling ourselves. Be available, ethical, enthusiastic and hard working. You have the support of  a great brokerage and colleges at all time. Your team is there and work together on every deal.  


4. You are now a business


Project your expenses and your net of you do 5 sales in your 1st year at the average residential sales price in your area. Don't spend money you have not made. Set up files, keep receipts, 


5. You are your own administrator


Create a calendar, keep an organized log. Write down everything that you are doing in your business, track your progress. Track were your time is going and what is bringing you success. Where are your leads coming from. What is working for you? What isn't working for you?  


6. You are your own PR department


Write down the names and contact info of everyone you know. Create a database. Grow your sphere of influence. Let everyone know you meet you are in Real Estate and ask them if they have a trusted Real Estate adviser or if they would consider working with you. Email or post office mail a price of information of value  to your data base at least once every quarter.      


7. Project that you need to talk to 100 people about real estate before you get 1 firm transaction.


This doesn't include friends or family who may not want to do business with you. If you want to do 10 transactions this year. You need to talk to 1,000 people about what you do. If you don't believe me, start counting.   


8. Do 100 open houses this year


Yes 100, that is your magic number. It could be 1 or 2 or 4 a weekend. If you don't like open house's go door knocking, you need to talk to people face to face about real estate.  


9. Engage everyone and talk to everyone you meet or encounter, don't be a "secret agent".


Start a conversation, study people, study youtube on the subject. 


10. Go to your weekly sales meeting at your brokerage if they offer it.     


See as many houses as you can. Study prices in your market. Research how the listing agent may have come up with the pricing. Every week study a new neighborhood. Walk around, drive around, study amenities, schools areas, parks, places of worship. Study typical home styles, Know the price history of that neighborhood for the last 12 months.  Then do it for another neighborhood, then another until you know the whole city this way. 


And show up. The first few weeks can be very discouraging, keep on the basics. After a while of doing the core things, something will take hold. You will find your niche, your best way of meeting and engaging new clients. You can build on that... But it won't happen if you don't show up. 


Good luck, contact us for any help or guidance. Real estate is a wonderful and exciting career that you will love. You have to be a work horse though. We earn every penny of those large commission checks that come with the territory. 


Blake Anthony Papalia

Home Made Real Estate/Broker