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Oct. 11, 2017

5 ways to make your listing look bigger

Décor choices can have a big impact on a home's appearance, making it seem bigger or smaller. Professional home stagers chime in with some tips on how to show off square footage, even when space is tight.

  • Remove heavy drapes
    Leave windows bare or hang sheer linen curtains. The ...
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Oct. 10, 2017

What is Bitcoin? Here’s everything you need to know

NEW YORK – Oct. 9, 2017 – Bitcoin, the best-known of the upstart digital currencies, is still a mystery to many Americans.

If you've heard about Bitcoin, it's mainly from startling headlines about its 400 percent price gain earlier this year, or its surge to nearly $5,000 ...

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Oct. 6, 2017

Prices Continue to Climb

The pricing gap that has emerged in the commercial real estate market is shouldering much of the blame for slowing transaction volume. How that gap is resolved – and how long it takes to narrow – is a top concern for investors still sitting on a lot of dry powder ...

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Oct. 6, 2017

SEC: REcoin cryptocurrency is a fraud

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleges that a type of "cryptocurrency," called REcoin, was touted for the real estate industry, but it's a fraud designed to dupe investors out of money.

Cryptocurrency is a "digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security." The most famous ...

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Oct. 6, 2017

Real estate Q&A: Should a widow sell her home to save money?

Question: I am an 86-year-old widow. I own a townhouse with stairs, which are becoming difficult. I must dip into savings to pay taxes and insurance. I might need those savings for a nursing home some day. I'm thinking of selling and buying a less-expensive condo with costs I ...

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Oct. 5, 2017

Tax Reform: Deducting Property Tax or Mortgage Interest

Homeowners would be forced to choose between two popular tax deductions – one for local property taxes, the other for mortgage interest – under a potential compromise that House Republicans are considering as they craft the evolving tax revamp.

The nearly $6 trillion tax overhaul plan being pushed by President ...

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July 31, 2017

More Home Owners Are Remodeling Rather Then Moving

Surging prices in single family homes and lack of inventory are making this market turn to remodeling vs buying or moving. Americans are projected to spend 316 Billion in remodeling this year, according to Harvard's study. Which is an increase from $296 Billion last year. Home owners are tapping ...

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July 19, 2017

Best Cities in the Country for 1st Time Home buyers

The criteria used to figure out this formula was: affordability, quality of life and the current state of the local real estate market. In general,  a number of California cities hovered at the bottom of the list, while the top three cities for first timers was Texas. In FL the ...

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July 17, 2017

Amazon Sends Warning Signals to Zillow

Amazon recently hurt the real estate giant Zillow's stock by saying that they are entering the Real Estate industry. May they be getting into it? 

In what appears to be a counter or possible warning shot to the Zillow's recent actions that indicate that Zillow may be ...

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July 12, 2017

Buyers often over look important details advises particular consideration to these often-overlooked areas: 

Nighttime atmosphere. Advise clients to view a home at different times of the day and night. "A community can change drastically when everyone is home from work and school," says Aaron Norris Group in Riverside, Calif. Norris says he speaks ...

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